About the Jude Project

Jude Project is a non-profit Christian ministry. We rely on the generous, tax-deductible contributions of individuals, churches, foundations, and businesses.

Our Mission is to educate and equip leaders of the Christian communities in the Middle East by translating seminary-level education materials.

The major languages native to this region are spoken by 335 million people (285 million in the region and another 50 million around the world) yet there are few biblical training resources available in those languages.

The result is widespread biblical illiteracy.

Our aim is for every Christian in the Middle East to have access to training resources in their native language to help them apply their faith in every facet of life.

We believe that making biblical training resources freely available is the best way to facilitate individual spiritual growth, build and support strong Gospel centered churches, and—ultimately—to advance the Gospel in the Middle East.

Our curriculum begins with classics of Christian theology and includes more recent works on culturally important topics. From these seminary-level translations, we also produce summaries, multimedia resources, and workbooks suitable for laity, home groups, and youth.

To accomplish our translation goals, we have developed a network of qualified linguists who also have the necessary theological training to translate such complex work. Right now, this is a rare and unique skill set. All of our translators are native speakers of the target language and their translations are professionally edited and reviewed for accuracy. The translation infrastructure we have built is a powerful asset for the advancement of the Gospel.

Our translations and other instructional materials are made publicly available to speakers of the target language in their native country and abroad. We have strategic relationships with churches, missionaries, and ministry organizations whom we encourage to use and distribute our translations. We also make digital copies of our translations available on our website (which is often the most effective way for our audience to access our training materials).

About Jude Project

THE JUDE PROJECT is a non-profit company and operates exclusively for religious and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Jude Project’s purpose is to translate Christian theological seminary-level course books from English into various target languages; to create derivative educational resources such as workbooks and videos from the translated works; and to provide training and support (training seminars and editing for example) in order to develop new translators.