Sourik Saiadian

Sourik Saiadian


Sourik was born to an Iranian- Armenian family in Northwest Iran. Upon completion of his postgraduate studies in English, he returned to his hometown to teach at Urmia University. He also worked as educational director and instructor for language schools in different cities in Iran.

Sourik’s ongoing desire to write and publish books was ignited in the early days of his faith when he was just sixteen years old and attending a local church in his hometown. He knew he had found his calling when he became a member of the Committee of Christian Literature of the Iranian Presbyterian Synod and began translating theological texts to provide Christians with literature that was, until his work, unavailable in their native languages.

In addition to his theological translations, Sourik translated U.N. Reports such as the United Nations Secretary General’s Study on Violence against Children and educational manuals like Girl’s Education in Impoverished Provinces in Iran.

Sourik is currently a member of the Association of Iranian Presbyterian Churches and Fellowship in North America. His most recent translation (co-translated by his wife) is Boundaries with Kids and released in 2014. He has also partnered with RBC Ministries, Bible Visuals, and Third Millennium Ministries, and Gospel Coalition on various translation projects.

Sourik frequently gives lectures to Christians on topics such as Muslim outreach and Christian persecution in the Middle East. He is currently an M.A.R. candidate at Reformed Theological Seminary (Washington, DC campus).


Ian Crafford

Ian Crafford

Ian is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Jude Project. He works behind the scenes to manage day to day operations and business administration.

Prior to co-founding Jude Project, Ian worked as a consultant with churches and ministry non-profits. He has also authored several training programs aimed at helping ministry organizations use technology to more effectively reach their goals.

Hugh Whelchel

Hugh Whelchel

Hugh Whelchel is the Executive Director of The Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics in McLean, Virginia. Over six years ago, Hugh stepped out of a successful business career to share his senior executive experience with Reformed Theological Seminary’s struggling Washington DC campus, where he served as Executive Director and guest professor.

In addition to his business acumen, Hugh has a unique passion and expertise in helping individuals integrate their faith and vocational calling. He is the author of How Then Should We Work? Rediscovering the Biblical Doctrine of Work, released May 2012. He has served as both the executive director and board member of The Fellows Initiative (TFI), a coalition of Regional Fellows Programs (Post-Graduate Christian Leadership Development Programs) established in key communities around the nation.

A native Floridian, Hugh graduated from the University of Florida and earned a master’s degree in theology from Reformed Theological Seminary before moving to Northern Virginia ten years ago to run an IT training company.  Hugh and his wife Leslie now live in Loudoun County, Virginia.  As an ordained ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church in America, he serves in leadership at McLean Presbyterian Church in McLean, Virginia and also serves on the boards of several Christian non-profits organizations.  In what little spare time he has, Hugh enjoys hiking, golf and restoring old sports cars.

About Jude Project

THE JUDE PROJECT is a non-profit company and operates exclusively for religious and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Jude Project’s purpose is to translate Christian theological seminary-level course books from English into various target languages; to create derivative educational resources such as workbooks and videos from the translated works; and to provide training and support (training seminars and editing for example) in order to develop new translators.